The Jews, Marx, and Jesus

Obviously Karl Marx was a sorehead and didn’t like God very much (but more on that later). I’m a preacher’s kid so I understand how he might have got a little disgruntled, probably being raised to be a rabbi, the ultimate profession for a religious Jew, and the pride of his parents’ pinnacle of aspirations; next to a lawyer. All too often we despise the blessings of our own upbringing, and stroll down alternate avenues, looking for opportunities to satisfy our uncompromising carnal appetites. The boy, Marx, grew into manhood and soon found, after studying to be a Minister of the Gospel! he found in him, that is, a heart-felt desire to rule the world; so, with helps, he came up with Marxist doctrines and Marxist theories and Marxist beliefs and blended them all together until he had his own religion..Marxism! (kind of like how we got SCIENTOLOGY) Marx got himself very excited figuring ways to make the workers stop enriching the wealthy and powerful bankers, and ruling classes and instead suggested they kill all the capitalist pigs and hand the reins of power to their fine benefactors, the Bolsheviks. Then, after all the ancillary bloodletting, and transfers of power to a central planning committee, everyone could get down to the serious business of spreading this ideal model for a worker-controlled state to the rest of the planet. Under this plan, Marx could then make everything equal for everybody, THE END (see ANIMAL FARM).

So we have chapter one of Das Kapital, and a decided bent on chastising Judeo-Christian communities around the globe. Marx’s pleading for this method of solving all the world’s troubles seems to’ve arisen from his perception that the Jews, who are the true source of salvation for men – through the line of David, we get to Jesus! got it all wrong in their emphatic teachings that relationships in family, and work, aught to be personally intimate, loving, moral, and to the glory our Creator..God, Jehovah, –the Almighty, whose name is too holy to speak. For Marx, this was all intolerably droll; and superstitious. (Tellingly, in an occasional off-handed remark, Marx seems to have approved highly –! of more primitive, halloweenie spiritual systems, ones that embraced human sacrifice, such as Baal worship, and any others, in which the religious cult’s societal infrastructure subsidized costs of procuring a stable supply of innocent victims, –babies, small children, and virgins being the chief candidates for sacrificial ceremonies, in their most unholy houses of worship – making such horrific practices economically attractive, and doable, for the high priest, or priestess, managing corporate affairs.) Railroads, crude time machines for the convenience of seed-planting..the dissemination of Marx’s platitudes, took you just about everywhere; and where they couldn’t, there was always a ship lying at port, waiting to get you off the continent..then, wherever you landed, you could board a train to the next important planners’ event! (Wherever that was..) With limited resources, Marx efficiently set his cap on making believers out of everyone who had an axe to grind about something. There’s always that. It seems people are just never satisfied with their lot, and no wonder! As long as we go chasing rainbows to a capitalist pot of gold, a chimeric chimpanzeean god of wealth, and high position over men in the world, we can never get enough (of that). Envy being the rule of thumb, here; and just a fabulous tool for honing the masses!

So what did a Marxian faith look like? What was he selling? It’s hard to really get to the point, reading his a glance, even Nietzche looks like a piece of cake for easy digestion (see Ecce Homo, Chapter 4: WHY I WRITE SUCH GREAT BOOKS). Marxian paragraphs are monolithic and seem to point to future computer programmer language, in which it is assumed nothing is known to the second party, and therefor, you must address your subject in a precise nomenclature that defines every aspect of the lecture, and its contents. Yes, a lecture! let’s unpack that. So he goes meandering over the cultural landscape to try and build a philosophy for life predicated on a spiritual emptiness so void of fun as to be unendurable. Marx’s religious relics look like hand tools and other strictly utilitarian lists of workablenesses, both palpable, and gossamer..his church, a factory, and the congregants, workers working by methods designed to reach higher, and ever higher for that unattainable level of efficiency that managers of projects deem essential to the end goal, and the greatest, most perfect work of man on earth. No more! any mystery about nature, human biology..they’re just there to be disregarded as non-essential, vulgar..fake science. Here we have arrived at a globalists’ rendering of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. A man is but a man, but a man can rise to greatness, in terms of utility, by forgetting his own perceived wants and needs, scuttling emotions and spiritual truths; and adopting the values of the village ( takes, a, ah, whatever). Somehow, though, this all is lost in the practice, and we unavoidably wind up under the despotic influences of a Napoleon B., a House of Krupp, and a crazy-quilt of Hapsburgian demi-gods for directors of the corporate cathedral..stained-glass Hitler’s..Stalin’s, FDR’s, and others, to, –Booshes! W’s, and the like “..rapping about how the Big Apple was out-a-sight!” (once, upon a time). However, aside from personalities ascending, and vanishing, –to Valhalla..or wherever, what seems to have profoundly infected the human race, and a virus that is viral, is Marx’s theories about an ideal of equality through identity; and after the requisite initial hard sacrifices, a brotherhood of workers will emerge, living harmoniously together in peace and harmony and brotherhood..working (wow). And chicks, too, get to get their due (too true). No more sex, though, just a perfect marriage of politics+economics=EQUAL’s in a pure, socially just and balanced and utterly fair society..just for me, and for you, too..a Jew (Marx was a Jew!)

Next stop, forced labour..Finally,

..after all the concomitant misery that goes hand in work-ravaged hand – above bare, frost-bitten feet, one faltering step at a time – with the application of marxism>socialism>communism>totalitarianism, —satanism, by contrast, if we seek! we get to see the beauty of the Lord in spite of it all. Marx attempted to pervert the soul satisfying opportunity of giving all to God in Christ, and in exchange, receive eternal riches in glory, and a truly just reward: Genuine selfless and forever. By considering, and then receiving what Jesus offers every eternity’s gate we shall hear,

“Well done, thou good and faithful servant..enter into thy rest.” ~Jesus

*Sources: die Bibel.. and etc.

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